General Industry continues to grow globally.  With the demand for more goods to be supplied at a better cost structure, it falls on improved machinery.  We have been supporting manufacturers and lubrication companies to ensure the best lubrication is selected or developed to meet the needs of machines that must run higher temperatures at faster speeds for longer periods of time.  While we produce many private label products, we also have some that are commercially available.  We can also produce a product to meet a machine or process demand.  Please contact us.

Bearing Lubricants

  • Tribosyn® 100
  • Tribosyn® 101, 101A and 101B
  • Tribosyn® 207
  • Tribosyn® 315

Chain Lubricants

  • Tribosyn® 618 Series
  • Tribosyn® 625

Gear Lubricants

  • Tribosyn® 329 Series

Sliding Surfaces

  • Tribosyn® 207


  • Tribosyn® 371

High Temperature

  • Tribosyn® 850 Series

Very High Temperature

  • Tribosyn® 866

Factories of the Future - More Advanced Equipment and More Advanced Lubrication