Laboratory & Production Services

With one of the most advanced specialty lubricant laboratories and production facilities, we can offer many services to get you started at the small volume level and bring you to large volumes when needed.  We can also support you from the laboratory with raw material and finished product analysis, R&D development and assessments of your competitor products, etc.  Below you will find more details on how we can help.

Laboratory Services

We have considerable laboratory equipment that can be used to support your projects.  We have listed most of the equipment that we use to perform internal tests as well as analysis for our customers. Our technical people are very experienced.   We can also compose detailed reports containing test data with an explanation of its meaning.  Our rates are very reasonable so if you are looking to better understand raw materials or a finished product, contact us at your convenience.


Production Services

We enjoy supporting our customers by selling finished products or getting them set up so they can produce at their site. Regardless of your objectives, we can support you for short term projects and long term projects.  Here are just a few things we do:

  • Make to Order
  • Lab and Pilot Scale Ups
  • Specialty Formulation
  • Private Labeling
  • Toll Manufacture


Packaging Services

We can support your packaging needs through a variety of solutions.  Here are just a few:

  • Grease Dearation
  • Specialty Packaging – very small to very large
  • Ultrafiltration of Oils and Grease