We continue to see advancement in this industry as the support for packaging of food, liquid and other materials continues to advance.  Most of the major world economies are fully engaged in global trade.  This requires better packaging that can withstand tougher conditions over longer periods of time.  This puts increased demands on the production equipment supporting these products.  As the plants operated faster, hotter and for longer periods of time, the need for specialty lubrication continues.

Below are just a few of the products we have to support the industry.  We have several others that we can offer if you contact us.

Bearing Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 207

Gear Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 329 and 329 EP Series

Sliding Surface Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 300
  • Tribosyn 510

Valve Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 369

Anti-Seize Compounds

  • Tribosyn 371