Around the world, oil and gas exploration has expanded from local drilling to operations in the most demanding and distant climates in the world.  Operations are significant distances from mainland and often times are extremely warn and extremely cold.  Therefore, it is crtical to ensure these operations are performing at the highest levels of uptime.  That is where we come in.  We understand the applications and engineering and the chemistry that can support the challenges.

Below are a few of our products.  We also design and develop products on a continual basis for this industry as the conditions demand the most current and best technologies at the best price.

Bearing Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 207
  • Tribosyn 209

Gear Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 520

Precision Instrument Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 318

Gas Valve Lubricants  

  • Tribosyn 827

Marine Lubricants

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