Polyalfaolefins (PAO) are some of best known synthetic lubricants in the world.  They have excellent lubricant properties, especially at low temperatures.  They also have a very good viscosity index (VI) which improves product performance as temperature changes. Triboscience offers a very large product line of PAO within our 300 Series.  Contact us about your specific needs.

Polyalfaolefin (PAO) Oil Lubricants  

  • Tribosyn® 329 Series
  • Tribosyn® 329 EP Series

Polyalfaolefin (PAO) Grease Lubricants  

  • Tribosyn® 308
  • Tribosyn® 320 Series
  • Tribosyn® 330

Polyalfaolefin (PAO) Grease Lubricants

  • Tribosyn® 359
  • PAO Heavy
  • PAO Light